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IBEW Dentist, ConEd, PSE&G We are your Union Dentist Your Local Union has negotiated special programs for you and your family dental care.  Dr. Jin's first job was in JIB Lanes, home to the IBEW Local 3 building.   There, he understood and appreciate the strength and benefit of the Electrical Union.

Today, as a family cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jin did not forget his root as a prior member of IBEW.  Depending on your particular Dental Insurance Plan, union members will likely receive 2 all-inclusive prophy cleanings every year, 2 full check ups with all of the necessary x-rays, and 2 professional flouride treatments with absolutely no out of pocket expenses. Although we may not be participating in every dental plan. we will always accept your plan benefits as a form of payment toward your treatment. Furthermore, we have specially arranged payment plan program to make your treatment as affortable as possible.

©2002 - 2017 A Beautiful Smile Dentistry, LLC. All rights reserved.